Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Believe in Pink!

It had been awhile since I took pics of my kids and well, I thought it was mighty time I did this. My mom had bought my daughter this beautiful pink dress and I really wanted to capture it. I set up my makeshift photo studio and whipped out some kids school chairs that my husband found for free. My daughter was thrilled to get her picture taken. She is a camera ham and sometimes I have to tell her to cool her jets cause she can get a bit over the top. I was pleasantly surprised when she sat down all professional like. She loves getting all dolled up getting her picture taken. It was so easy and she did everything I told her too. I do however wish I could have gotten a big smile out of her but she seemed to be on a serious note. I think she has watched America's Next Top Model to many times with me. At the end of the thirty minutes, we got some great shots. Well, I hope you think I did.

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