About Me

Hey everyone! I'm Shannon and I'll be driving this crazy train. Good thing it's on a track. 
I am known to be a bit crazy and a little random. I found an interest in the arts when I was young. 
I was always drawing and interested in different crafts. I really got into it when I was in high school. 
I took every art available. I sung my heart out in choir and learned every medium I could. 
I may not be a pro at any one but I certainly have found a passion for is photography. 
After picking up my first camera, I couldn't put it down. I started out on film and never could expand cause it was just to expensive. After I got my first digital camera, I took off.  I couldn't take enough photos. I was snapping at anything. It was unlimited learning at my fingertips. I love the instant gratification and the smiles on the clients faces when I show them photos I took of their kids or of their wedding. It's rewarding in so many ways. 

Find me on Facebook and at Urban Frame Photography 
If you are interested in having me take photos for you and
you are in my local area,
please contact me through the website. 
I look forward to seeing you!

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