Off the Beaten Path

Looking for some art that is different? Maybe you want something
to grace your living room wall? Look no further. I've been slowly working 
on some still shots of things I love. I love old cameras and I 
love old cars. Maybe you have a classic car you want a photo of?
I would love to capture the beauty of history for you. I simply love
old classics, rusted or restored. I will venture out into the country
looking for old cars or trucks to take photos of.
The more broke down and rusted, the better. I love capturing the 
character. It makes me sad to see these cars not 
taken care of but at least they are providing me with the best subject.
I have littered my parents living room and other rooms now that i think of it, with
photos of old trucks and cars. My Dad is very thankful that I supply him with
art that he loves. I used to draw the old cars and now, I just want to capture them.
If you love what you see here, then hope on over to my Society6 page and snatch
up your own print. They do laptop and iphone covers too! While you are there
be sure to check out the community. There are so many wonderful artists 
out there.

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