Friday, June 29, 2012

Just one Fedora

Since I did my daughters photos, I had to do my sons. He's not the easiest to take photos of and so I needed a prop idea that would make him happy. I sadly went to Walmart cause it was closest and I didn't have a lot to spend. I wondered around and came across the hats. At first I thought about the news boy style hat and then I saw the fedora. I snatched it up and knew this was it. I only spent 10 bucks! I headed home and set up my makeshift studio and got him dressed. He was thrilled about the hat. When he put it on it seemed that he got into the character of it and got all serious. I pulled out the little school chairs and set him up. He did awesome! I was very impressed with him. I really wanted to get a good natural smile out of him but he was in the serious model mood. It didn't take me long and I knew I had several shots to work from. It's amazing what a white sheet, a hat and one little chair can do. The only thing i'm not happy about is the filtered light coming through the trees on the left. It left some lighter spots on his skin. I guess it's just part of making your own studio in a carport.

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