Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Care package!

Yesterday, I got a package in the mail! I didn't get it till late last night cause my husband checks the mail but what a great surprise! Jess told me awhile back that she was gonna send me her card reader. I was so excited about that. What I didn't plan on was getting all this fun stuff in the box! I loved it all and I smiled so big. It brought back a lot of great memories. There was wonderful smelling things and of course, pencils and a notebook. I will be using that for sure and I already smell great from the other stuff! I loved the box of sour patch kids. Kinda funny story about that one. I think we ate a lot of those LOL. I simply loved the sister bracelets she put in there too. I immediately put those on and I don't think I'll take them off. I will wear them as a reminder that I am not alone and that I have someone to call on when I'm feeling down or when I'm having a great day. Jess has been a great help to me in the last few days. I've been struggling with some things lately and she has been a wonderful support to me.

Awhile back her and I had a chat about things and she told me that she started to post things that she was thankful for. I started doing that but in my head and I'm thinking that I should start doing that here. Today, I'm most thankful for Sisters. She may not be my sister but I've always thought of her in that way. She has always been the little sister that I never had. Thank you Jess, for everything.


  1. Aww, this made me all misty eyed. :) I love that you will be posting things you are thankful for... I always get so much good out of those kinds of posts!! I love you bunches, and I'm thankful I was able to put a spring in your step today! :)

    So many good memories, and I look forward to making more with you. ;)XoXO -jess

  2. I'm happy you're happy, Shannon!That is a good thing, to write down something you are thankful for!