Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vintage things

I was going through old discs the other day and I came across some old snaps I took awhile back. You see, I love to take drives and see what I can find to take photos of. One day, I was out driving around and I happen to look at just the right moment to see this old truck sitting in some pasture. I crammed on the breaks (thank God no one was behind me!). I flipped a U and headed straight back to see who that pasture belonged to. I always ask before going onto others property. The man who lived there was happy to let me tromp on back there. It was a gloomy day but this piece of history was making my day much brighter. I had my camera in hand and started snapping away. These are a few of my favorite shots. After coming across the disc, I just had to work up a few. I'm the type that has to play with photos in photoshop to see what I can create. I love having that power.

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