Monday, November 7, 2011

a Little Surfing

I was surfing around on the net the other day and came across this blog. I love looking at other photog's photos and digital work. I'm a huge fan of the photoshop addictees. I love to look at their work and analyze or just drool. They inspire me to do more and push forward. I watch a lot of tutorials too. I've done some digital stuff and still do it from time to time. Maybe I'll post some of them at some point. But anyways, I am getting off track.

I came across this blog and i was blown away by some of the graphic design. I'm really taking an interest in this sort of thing and hope to blend it into some of my photography. Here is some graphic art that really caught my eye. Done by  Troyt Coburn. He has some amazing stuff! Do go and check out his site. You wont be disappointed. There is a lot of fashion photography. I really love the idea of getting into that a little. I have much to learn!
As you can tell by this Ad above, he is simply amazing! I love coming across these gems on the net. I will continue to strive to get to that place where i can put my photo next to some amazing photographers and say.."I'm not to bad!" LOL Maybe in the future when both kids are in school full time, I can take some classes at the local college. I want to learn so much more. Graphic Design is looking more and more fun, of course, this guy makes me want to do it now!


  1. Wow these cards are great .. I have linked up my rather plain card. After I linked it ... I thought I should have embossed the boot! silly me .... oh well .. hindsight is a wonderful thing :)logo design services

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