Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Okay, I love cats! I'm such a cat person. Dogs just...umm...stink, literally. Most of my life, i've had a cat. Usually strays that adopt me and some that i took cause they were to cute in that "Free Kitten" box. I'm such a sucker for them! Lately, i've been wanting one but i keep fending off the thought cause I don't want to deal with cat hair or a litter box. We can't have cats outside where we live. My kids want one, I want one and my husband doesn't mind having one. Can i get a hairless cat that doesn't look like a rat? Yeah, didn't think so. It's times like these that I really find myself starting to weaken even more.
I mean, who can resist those eyes? What a cutie!! How about they just box him up and send him my way? And this next one just made me laugh outloud!
And oh my! Look at this cute kitten!! Those beautiful blue eyes! Okay..i just need to stop! It's way to tempting. I have to think about all the chores involved, the care and the hair! So I leave you all with a little Kitty Love =D

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  1. Oh...I love the last one with the blue eyes...Remember Lacie?