Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 3: What makes you happy 31 Day Blog Challenge

The truth of the matter is, my life hasn't been exactly the most wonderful in the past few years. There are many struggles and to many mountains to climb, so to speak. Some days I feel very overwhelmed with the feeling of loss and other days, I just feel like no matter how much I push forward, I end up taking a few steps back. It feels like walking through molasses. But without the sugary goodness of the cookies. When I saw what today's challenge was, I kinda just sat here and stared at a blank screen. "What makes me happy"......I realized that my mind is cluttered with all the bad things. If you read yesterdays post, you will know that I struggle to keep my head above water and to try and dance through each storm. It's not easy and this challenge reminded me of the small things in my life and a few large ones that keep me sane.

"What makes me happy?" you ask? My parents. They have been the pillars in my life and have always been there for me. I have been fortunate to have a few good relationship with them and I love them so much. I go and spend a few weeks with them every summer and it's never enough cause I know that one day, they wont be there.

My kids are also a smile in my day even though some days I want to string them up by their toes (as my dad would say to me when i was younger) But kids will be kids and I try to remember that. I love them to pieces and wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe one actually but I really don't think the bedroom cleaning thing will improve.
I had the opportunity to meet the wonder and talented Shannon Sewell last year and she is the one that took this beautiful photo of my two rugrats. Thank you again Shannon!

I have been fortunate in being able to take photos of some wonderful people and that brings me to another one. My camera makes me very happy. Yes, an object brings me much joy but it's not just an object. It's a doorway to meeting new people. I'm kind of a wallflower most of the time but when I have my camera in hand, I kinda break out of my shell. It's like a security blanket to hide behind. I'm telling you, photographers can get away with murder LOL It's like having the golden ticket! It can get you into places hahaha. No, but really, my camera and I have met and taken photos of the most beautiful people, both inside and out and one of these families is the Roses. My cousin Jessica has been like a little sister to me and that will never change. I'm so very proud of her and what she has done and I was privileged enough to take some family pics of them. It was a bit out of my box though considering the pics were both indoor and Lifestyle. I've never done that before and it was both fun and nerve wracking LOL

And that's just a few things I love and that make me happy =D


  1. I totally 100% agree about the camera making you happy. It's a chance to capture a fleeting moment in time.

  2. Aww this was a sweet one Shannon!! :) So thankful to consider you as a bigger sister! We have some wonderful memories.. don't we! :)