Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Morning Travels

So, yesterday morning, i got a wild hair and decided to go for a drive. I grabbed my camera and hoped i had enough gas. It was looking like a good day, a bit foggy but clearing off slowly. I headed out into the country cause i remembered there was an old truck in a field at the pumpkin patch. They were closed when i got there so i ventured around a bit. I took a few shots of this old Ford sitting out next to a gravel road. I love finding these little gems. It's sad though at the same time that a part of American culture is sitting there rusting away. On the other hand, i'm happy they are cause i love to take photos of them. I love the character of them. The more moss, bushes, lichen and such..the better! I hope you enjoy the shots i did. I really did enjoy getting out into the cold air, just me and my camera. It's a great way to clear the mind.

Along with the old truck, I found some other goodies! I found an old row boat and ...cows. hahaha I do hope you like them. You can find all of the photos on the Urban Frame Facebook .

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