Friday, November 11, 2011

A little Adox

Recently a friend of the family came across an old camera. She thought of me and passed it along! I was pretty excited about it when i opened it up. I love old cameras and i have a nice little collection going on. My hubby kinda started it and i got hooked. I would love to buy more but unfortunately they are not cheap to collect. Most of mine, we found at garage sales. Some cost us 5 bucks and some up to 20. I think that's pretty cheap! Maybe I'll take some pics of them to share what i have. I will never part with them. It's like having a piece of history that helped someone else record history. I wonder about the owners sometimes and what sort of photos were shot through those viewfinders. To bad they aren't like guns with serial numbers! I can fantasize about the owners a little. Maybe it was a famous photographer of their day or a  photojournalist! This one that i have acquired, it could have taken pictures of WWII for all i know! That would be something.  Cameras are really amazing things. The owners of them are really amazing too. Dedicated to documenting history. Whether it's your family or major events. Without cameras, we wouldn't have photos of loved ones we can no longer see. I am very thankful everyday that i can look back on pictures and see those that are no longer with us anymore. I think everyone should own a camera. It's one of lifes most important investments. Don't go through life without one. It doesn't matter that it's just a simple point and shoot. It doesn't really matter if your any good. What does matter is that, you are preserving your history, your life.

So, I'm looking at this little camera and thankful that the maker of this one created it. I did a little homework about it and found out some information.

"The Wirgin company was founded in 1920, and manufactured their first camera in 1927. In 1938, the Nazis forced the factory into a merger with the Adox company. After the war one of the founding brothers, Heinrich Wirgin, re-created the company in Germany. In 1962 Wirgin bought Franka-Werke. Although the company was closed in 1968, one of their 35mm cameras continued to exist as a prototype of the Rollei 35."

That's a little bit i found while Googling. I'm not real sure on the year of the camera i have but whatever year it is, it's a piece of history i plan on keeping for a long time. I think i may go to Dot Dotsons and see what they can tell me and maybe get film for it if it's in working order. Wish me luck!

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