Monday, October 17, 2011

So, last night I'm all excited cause a show I've been waiting for started. Now, everyone has their type of shows they like and well, mine consist of vampires, gossiping girls, witches and zombies. Wow, i just realized there isn't much difference in any of those. They are all out to get you. LOL But anyways, I was all excited cause the new season of The Walking Dead started. It's about the world being infected and now crawling with Zombies. I have no idea what my fascination is with them but i love to watch them. I may have nightmares afterward but I'm addicted. So when i saw this picture, i laughed out loud and said, "Oh, that is so me!" So even though this post is not about my photography, I thought it might be a bit entertaining. So, if you like zombies and such, check out AMC, The Walking Dead. My mom shakes her head at me cause i opted out of a Audrey Hepburn coffee mug to get the Zombie Brew mug. hahahaha I thought it was cute! I know, I'm strange but isn't that what makes us special? I may love these movies but i will still sit and watch them with a blanket tucked up to my chin..just in case you know. *winks*

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