Tuesday, September 20, 2011

it's a start..

Well, it's a start to something. I've sat on doing a blog for a long time. I had one in the past and just kinda let it go. I never felt inspired to make it work but now I have found a spark. I hope to make the spark turn into a fire and that it will light up under me to get me to move. I have a lot of dreams and hopes and I will achieve nothing if all I do is sit on my toosh. Most of my dreams are long goals but i'm not about to give up on them. Life makes changes that you don't expect and we try to evolve around them. My changes came in the forms of a husband and children. They are huge parts of my life and I want to do best by them. I know that i'm not the perfect wife or perfect mother but I do what I can. I push to be better but some days I fall short. I am hoping that this blog will inspire me to be a better person and to help me through some rough times in my life. It will be my therapy.

I'm sure there will be spurts of things throughout this blog about my life or experiences or just things i'm sorting through but overall, it will be about my work in photos. I hope you enjoy what i have to say and stick around. I hope to add some tutorials or just posts about things i have found that will help with your own photography. My cousin has been a huge inspiration to me and seeing what she has done makes me want to do something for myself that makes me feel good. I have lost a bit of me over the years and i'm struggling to find her but i have faith that i will and that i'll be able to get back on track. I find photography is a great way to work on myself. So, please, start this journey with me.

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