Thursday, September 22, 2011

Engagement Photos

Last Saturday I did some engagement photos for a cousin of mine. I was happy to do them! I really enjoy doing these sorts of shoots and I got to work on thinking up new ideas. I wanted to do something fresh and different since i did her sisters engagement photos too. Can't be doing the same thing LOL. So, i got to googling ....again. I love that search engine. I've always wanted to do photos that have red balloons. I gave her a call and asked her if she liked the idea and if she could pick up a bouquet of them. She seemed for it and what was funny was that, she wasn't sure about it. I found that out after the shoot. I think she was surprised to find out how well they turned out. I was very happy with them and I can't wait to do that one again! I also ran by the dollar store and picked up some bubbles. My kids were thrilled cause they got some too. Bonus for everyone. I wasn't exactly sure how i was gonna use them but i saw some pics online that thought might be worth a shot. I also gave my other cousin a call and asked her if she had any ideas. She had a great one, an old fashioned glass soda pop bottle! I just happened to have an empty Crush one sitting on my counter. I didn't want to go out and buy a pack of pop, so i washed that one up and made up some orange koolaid i had. I put it in a separate container and grabbed a couple bright colored straws.

I had so much fun taking these pictures. I even grabbed my great Grandmothers quilt she made by hand. It was a great addition to the pop pics. After we took a load of pics in this field, we ventured into downtown. We pit stopped at some railroad tracks and got some nice shots there.

So, i took them to a brick building that i love taking pics at before venturing over into 5th street. 5th street is a very popular little shopping spot and has some really neat little shops. We shot a few there and finished up at a fountain. I think we were all brain dead by then.( Note to self to make sure i bring along water bottles next time.) Anyways, I wont bore you to much and i apologize for all the photos but i just couldn't decide what ones to post. I hope you enjoy.


  1. I actually really liked that you had them share the drink with two straws! :) Much better then individual bottles... :D

  2. Thanks! I guess it was a lucky thing cause i only had one bottle! hahaha