Monday, July 21, 2014

Carlton Complex Fire

Several friends and family lost their homes recently in the Carlton Complex fire and the loss is great. It has been awful sitting so far away and not being able to help them in any way. I was up late at night with worry. Families were evacuated from the small town of Pateros all of the sudden and lost so much. Most of my family lives up the Methow and fought all night trying to save their homes. They managed to save it by some miracle. God sure did shield them. We knew they were stuck up there with  no where to go. Our close friends who lived in Pateros were not so lucky. My Aunt lost her home and close friends lost theirs. I'm so thankful that they are safe. It wont be easy for them for awhile.

Some photos of the families homes. These photos were not taken by me but by friends and family.

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