Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Night

So, last night I went to the local photography group and sat in on one of their meetings. It was interesting and not to say, I felt like the noob. They made me feel welcome and I got to sit in on their critiquing of some photos for their monthly digital contest. It was interesting and I do love to see others work. The wide range of photographers is fairly large I think and I hope to walk away from this experience with some lessons under my belt.

I really wanted to join a group of like-minded individuals and I think I may have found some. I always feel pretty alone when it comes to my photography and I feel like I bore those around me with my babbling of it all the time. I enjoy it and I love talking about it. It gets me excited and motivated to learn more. Now I can listen to others babble about it too. I hope to learn a  lot and I will be going back. So, that was my evening! Now for some of the recent photos I've done.

I recently grabbed my daughter and dressed her up like a doll (not literally) but anyways..... I fixed her up and set up my carport. I don't have a studio and do with what I have. I think it works just fine for my kids and families kids but I feel like it's a bit unprofessional to take others photos in it. I mean, I do live in a trailer park. My daughter loves to model for me and I think she does a pretty bang up job of it. She doesn't whine to much about the odd things I put on her and she is a trooper. So without further delay, here are some of my favorite shots I got.


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