Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 6: Last Random Act of Kindness (31 Day Blog Challenge)

My last act of kindness was not that long ago. I love to do things for others and sometimes I go way to far out of my way for them but seeing others happy, makes me happy. I love to buy things for others, even if it's just a coloring book and new crayons. I just wish I had more money to do these sort of things. I also like to help those in need and feel like I need to do this more often. Where I live, we have a lot of panhandlers and I don't like to give them money. I have no idea what they do with it and I can only imagine. I'm a firm believer in working for things and not expecting a hand out. Although, I may get lazy sometimes but you wont catch me sitting on a street corner begging. So, this brings me to one of my acts of kindness. I saw a woman who was holding a sign saying she was hungry. I was heading over to the KFC for lunch and while I was at it, I bought a couple things off the dollar menu. As I was going back by her, I gave them to her. I knew that money had bought her food to help her that day and I could only hope that it would give her a start to a better day. I think we all need to help the needy if we can. I think  showing someone else kindness will go a long way.

I was given this wonderful idea by my mom who was telling me a story about my sister in law. Every year, she pays for someones coffee in the drive through. I thought this was a great idea and I found myself in the drive through at a Starbucks and when I got up to the window to pay for my coffee, I had them add the coffee ordered from the car behind me to my bill. I will never know how they reacted but I had hopped that by my random act, they would pay it forward. If nothing else, it put a smile on my face and made my day better. We should all practice random acts of kindness. I feel that karma has a way of coming back. I remember as a kid and my parents were struggling with money and one day in the super market, we were a bit short to pay for the food at the register. The person behind us stepped forward and helped out. It's kindness like that, that keeps me trying to pay it forward.


  1. It's often those little moments that can totally change someone's day!

  2. Paying it forward is what it is all about!

  3. Your's mirror my own. I love the pay it forward at Starbucks. I have also given food to the panhandlers who have a sign that says hungry. I will never give money though. I believe they can work for that themselves. I love buying and giving little surprises to people. I only wish I had more money to do so...

    1. I think we would make great rich people!