Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 11: Last Book I Read (31 Day Blog Challenge)

I actually had to stop and think about this cause I read a lot and I've gone through a lot of books lately. I think the last one I finished was "Warm Bodies" by Isaac Marion. I had seen a preview for the upcoming movie and like most movies that are based off of books, are well.....better read. The movie looked good and I love zombie movies. I wanted to read the book first though. I went out and picked it up and was a bit miffed cause I couldn't find an original book without the movie poster front. Am I the only one that is annoyed with this? I just have a thing about books that turn into movies. I want the original cover please. I bought it anyways cause it was the only one I could find. It's a fast read and I loved it! It has this sense of humor about it that had me chuckling to myself and to boot, it's a love story. It's all written from the point of a view of a zombie and if you are slightly intrigued, then go read it! It was a fun one. I mean after all, even zombies need some love. (insert big smiley)

This is the original book cover :)

Join in the fun! It's never to late.


  1. I don't like movie covers as books. In my opinion it makes me look like I bought the book because of the movie, when it's the other way around. On a funny note, I have a book mark that says "Don't judge a book by its movie". I love it!