Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedding !

Well, after much stressing and fretting, it's all done with! Well, the taking the pics part that is. Now for the sorting and deleting part, and the processing. I have almost a thousand photos to go through. I think i did pretty good with the amount of shots i took. I really expected a lot more but i'm happy with a lot of the shots. When i saw the inside of the lodge, i kinda freaked. I don't do indoor pics very often, so this posed a bit of a challenge. I wasn't about to let it get the best of me and I would do my best! When i got home, i was to beat to even look at the pics. I wanted to breath before i tore into them. If i don't have the right mind when i start in on em, i can be very destructive. LOL I am my own worst critic and I really want the best for those that i do pics for. I strive to learn more and practice. I have learned a lot over the years about photoshop and it is now my best friend. I couldn't live without it now. I try and not rely on it for my pics but i love to add those color tints or a bit of softness to pics that people love and is easy to achieve in Ps. I know there is filters out there that does this sort of thing but I feel that i have more control in Ps.

So, I finally buckled down and started in on the photos. I was armed with a little Pretty Reckless and Demi Lavoto. Yes, I had the itunes on and jammin'. It helps get me in the zone and i'm sure that Shawn (aka the husband) gets annoyed from time to time with me singing. I don't think it would be such a big deal if would take the headphones off. Anyways, I did get a few photos done and i'm pleased with the results so far!
I truly hope that the Bride and Groom are as pleased with them as i am. Congrats to you Tarah and Josh!

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